Saturday, May 11, 2013

"The Sound of Music" tour, Part 2: Hellbrunn Palace/ THE GAZEBO!!!

After the church came Hellbrunn Palace, which is where Rolf and Liesl's famous gazebo now sits.  (It's not the actual location where the scene was filmed.)

"Schloss" = "palace"

We didn't go in the palace.  We made this stop solely for the gazebo and for a bathroom break.


It was locked, so I took this photo through the window.

There are several attractions here.  Too bad our stop wasn't longer!

Some emperor had this small castle built in a month. It's some sort of museum now.

Check out the GORRRRGEOUS tulips, yo!

In the movie, when Maria arrived at the Von Trapps' mansion, she rode her bike down a lane behind these yellow walls and up to the yellow building, which is now some sort of music conservatory or something.

(However, this isn't the real Von Trapp mansion.  See one of the next posts for more details.)

This is the lane she rode down.

Reesa, Tracy and I almost missed our bus while taking these photos, so we jumped on in the nick of time and hurried onwards.

"The Sound of Music" tour, Part 1: Mondsee/The Wedding Church

As we drove through the mountains, our first major stop was in a village called Mondsee, which is where the wedding took place in "The Sound of Music".

(The side of the church is on the left.)

Walking through the streets of Mondsee

(There weren't that many; it was only a couple of blocks wide and long.)

Getting closer to the church

I wonder who names stores...??

Still walking...

Mondsee's city hall building

The 3 of us ate here after touring the church.

Here is is!!!  The church where Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer got "married".

Interestingly, there was an actual wedding there, but it was in a side building so as not to interfere w/ us tourists.  :)

The wedding party had a Hummer limo.  It was AMAAAAZING!

Going into the church

This was a side room that wasn't seen in the film.

You can buy holy water.

I did not.  :-P

Here, I'm in the aisle that Maria walked down while the nuns sang, "How To Solve A Problem Like Maria".

I pretended I was Maria.  :-)

Actually, we all did.

Whatever this is (pipes), they were featured in the film.  (I didn't know this at the time I took the photo; I found it out when we watched the movie at our hostel later that night.)

At the "wedding altar"

Later that night, when we were watching the movie, we freaked out during the wedding scene.  We kept squealing and saying things like, "WE WERE THERE TODAY!  WE SAW THAT!!"

I'm fairly certain we annoyed the few people around us, but, oh well.

The front area, where the nuns got Maria ready, is now a chintzy souvenir gift shop.

Tracy and I got coffee and dessert afterwards.  (The bus ride was making me motion sick.)

Random stores we saw across from the church

View between 2 buildings of the Alps and chalets 

An old but well-maintained building

Last view of the church